Izmir is a great city for students. There are a variety of options for safe and affordable living as well as many convenient transportation choices that make getting around the city easy. Many universities in Izmir have on-campus or nearby halls of residence or dormitories available for incoming students. These types of facilities afford easy access to campus life. Alternatively, students may want to rent their own flat or house. There are many great neighborhoods to live in Izmir, each with its own unique character. Monthly rents will vary depending on the facilities offered. A great option for new students is to share accommodations with a Turkish or other exchange or foreign student. The International Office of the host university may assist in the student’s search for suitable accommodations.

The Izmir Institute of Technology has a variety of accommodations.
The state-run dormitory functioning under the General Directorate of Credit and Dormitories Agency is located on the IYTE campus. The dormitory, with capacity for 688 students, has apartments for two people including bathroom and kitchen. Additionally, on the premises of the dormitory is a recreational facility building with cafeteria, laundry, games hall, internet cafe, hairdresser, tailor, automatic banking machine and post office.
In addition to this dormitory, the social center of Izmir Technology Development Region at the IYTE campus has 16 standard rooms and 4 VIP rooms designated for national graduate students and international students. The standard rooms provide comfortable accommodation to students with split air-conditioning, 24-hour running hot water, refrigerator, desk, bathroom with shower cabin and wardrobe. VIP rooms include TV and a seating area for guests. The main social center has TV and reading room, games hall, kitchen (shared) including dishwasher and microwave, laundry and pressing room. Both the state dormitory and the social center ensure the safe of international students with security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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