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Taxation in Greece

         The  income  that will be taxed in Greece.

  • Resident in Greece :You must pay tax on your worldwide income there.
    (criterion: your life is centred there, your family lives there and your children are educated there)
  • Not resident in Greece :You only pay tax on income earned there.
  • Income from other EU countries: Check you never pay tax twice on the same income.

        How much will you pay?

What’s left of your gross income in Greece after deduction of taxes and social security           contributions?

     Income tax rates for 2015 (declared in 2016 return)

Bracket Annual income Rate
1 up to €20 000 22%
2 €20 001 – €30 000 29%
3 €30 001 – €40 000 37%
4 over €40 000 45%

In calculating your taxable income, take into account any applicable allowances or deductions for expenditure.

In Greece, tax rates in all categories are among the highest in Europe, with tax collection remaining close to the average or even lower. Growth is the only way to achieve fiscal consolidation. Indicatively, a 10% increase in GDP could raise tax revenues by 11.3%.

The complete reconfiguration of the tax system towards simplification, tax rate reductions, tax-free threshold increases and higher marginal income will make it more effective in terms of revenues and a facilitator for growth.


When and how do you pay?

You have the obligation to file a tax return every year, whether you have taxable income or not. The tax can be paid in three equal bimonthly installments. The first payment shall be made until the last day of the month following the deadline for tax filing. The other two payments shall be made until the last day of the third and fifth month following the deadline for tax filing respectively.

How to appeal/complain

If you disagree with your tax assessment, you can appeal to the state courts.

For details of exactly where and how, see your tax assessment letter.

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