accommodation in Greece

Finding accommodation in Greece

In the search for accommodation in Greece, hiring a local real estate agent or mesitis may be a good idea. Many Greek sellers target foreign buyers and a better deal can often be found with the help of someone who speaks the language. That said, many Greeks avoid agents because of their commission which, for real estate purchases, can be as much as three percent of the property’s value. Rentals can cost as much as a month’s rent which, in most cases, is split between the owner and the lessee.
Exploring the areas one is interested in is always a good idea. Expats should look out for “for sale” signs, and ask locals if they know of any properties available. Places available for rent may also have signage up on the property, which is often a white or yellow sticker with the word enoikiazetai (for rent) written in red.
Many people in Greece prefer posting their properties online and in local newspapers as opposed to estate agents. While most ads are in Greek, there are some in English.

Renting property in Greece

For long-term rentals in Greece, expats should be prepared to pay a deposit of between two and three months’ rent. This should be returned when the lease has expired, as long as there is no damage to the property. As a result, doing an inventory of any damages upon arrival might save a tenant’s deposit when they depart.
According to law, residential lease agreements have to cover a minimum of three years, although, if a shorter period is negotiated, this will apply to the landlord and not the tenant.
Generally speaking, however, the longer the lease, the lower the monthly cost.


Living Costs


The amount a student will need to spend while studying in Greece will depend on his/her life style. As a rough guide, the average cost of living in Greece is approximately 300-400 Euros per month for accommodation and 300-400 Euros for living expenses.



Indicative monthly rents for the various types of apartment are as follows:

Studios and one-bedroom apartment* 220-350 €
Two bedroom apartment* 350-450 €
Three bedroom apartment* 450-550 €
(*with living-room, kitchen and bathroom)

Apart from position, prices depend largely on the age of building and the floor

Some popular and useful web-sites with listings of apartments from various real estate agents are the following:

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