Andrea Escolà , Paula Ferrer and Maria Luna


The system of education in Spain are classified in five branches:
↳Nursery school / Pre-scholar

Primary School

Secondary School/ E.S.O

Bachelor/ middle and higher grades


Nursery School:

This part of education is from the 0 years to 6 years .

This educational stage is not obligatory .

The pre-scholar is an early educational level because they are studies previous of the primary school.

Primary School:

The primary school is obligatory. This the level in which we learn to read, write, calculate and the basic cultural concepts .

This stage has six courses and it is from 6 to 12 years. In public institutions it is total free less the books and the material.

Secondary School(E.S.O):

The secondary school is obligatory too. The students are around 12 when they start it, and it ends at the time when they are 16. The end of E.S.O is the time when students choose the studies than they will do in a future, depending if they will do baccalaurate or vocational training.

Bachelor and middle and higher grades of vocational training:

The baccalaureate are the studies that you take when you end the secondary school. They are not compulsory and they take 2 years.

Baccalaureate is divided into 4 branches: scientific, technological, social and humanistic baccalaureates. Depending on your future studies in the university, you choose one of these 4 branches.

At the time you end to be a bachelor, you can go to the university taking an exam called “selectivitat”

There are a lot of different vocational training degrees and they are divided into 2 levels: middle degrees and high or upper degrees.

The middle lasts 1 or 2 years, depending on the studies you choose. The same with the upper ones.

These are for the students who want to specialize in something more specific.

They are a way to access the university too but without the “selectivitat” and it takes 1 or 2 years more than the bachelor to access.

University and after studies:

At the university there aren’t age limits. The degrees are accessed with the selectivity exam and it depends on the note you can study for a degree or another.
The University is the institution for the teaching top, the research, creation of scientific culture and humanistic .

The university is organised in different faculties. In these faculties the different corresponding academic degrees are taught.

The different studies are divided in these branches:

Arts and Humanities


Health Sciences

Social and Legal Sciences

Engineering and architecture

They are are classified in three cycles :

Grade : university study of three to four years

Master: study of one or two years and after university degrees. They are organised to specialize more.

Doctorate : study of two or three years and after the university degrees too. It is for the research and it is the equivalent of engineering and architect.

In Spain there are eighty-three universities and 22 percent of people have university studies.

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