Permits and visas

To be granted a residence permit, you must prove that:
● You have been accepted as a student to a higher education at a college, university or an institute that has been approved by the Danish government.
● You are either completing an entire educational programme offered by a Danish institution of higher learning or are a visiting/guest students attending part of a programme that you have already commenced in our country of residence
● you can support yourself financially for the duration of your stay. If you are to pay a tuition fee, you must document that you have paid the tuition fee for the first semester or year.
● You can speak and understand the language of instruction and have a functional command of either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German.

Students from outside EU/EEA/Switzerland will be charged a fee when applying for a residence permit (visa) to study in Denmark. For students from EU/EEA and Switzerland, higher education in Denmark is free. So is participating in an exchange programme. Also there is no payment for tuition if you, at the time of application, have a:
● Permanent residence permit
● Temporary residence permit that can be upgraded to a permanent one (‘midlertidig opholdstilladelse mmf varigt ophold’)
● Residence permit as the accompanying child of a non-EU/EEA parent holding a residence permit based on employment
All other students must pay tuition fees. For full-degree students the fee is Euro 6,000-16,000.
How to obtain a work permit
A number of schemes have been designed in order to make it easier for highly qualified professionals to get a residence and work permit in Denmark.
● The Greencard scheme
● The Positive List
● The Pay Limit scheme
● The Fast-track scheme

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