Holidays & leisure

Holidays and Festivities 1st January                                   New Year’s Day 6th January                                  Epiphany 26th – 28th March                          Easter 1st May                                        National Holiday 5th May                                       Ascension Day 16th May                                      Whit Monday 26th May                                      Corpus Christi 15th August                                  Assumption of the Virgin Mary 26th October                                 National Holiday 1st November                               All Saints‘ Day 8th December                               Immaculate Conception 24th – 26th […]

Language & currency

Living Language The language spoken in Austria is German. The German as used in Austria strongly resembles the German as used in Southern Germany. The differences are often exaggerated and are considerably less than the linguistic divergence of Germany’s North. There is a number of minority languages which  are spoken in Austria and  some of […]