Taxes & work rules


If you work in Austria you haveto pay taxes.

  • Income tax / wage tax

The salary you earned will be charged with a tax.

Income – per year Wage tax
0 to 11.000 € Tax free
over 11.000 € to 18.000 € 25 percent
over 18.000 € to 31.000 € 35 percent
over 31.000 € to 60.000 € 42 percent
over 60.000 € to 90.000 € 48 percent
over 90.000 € to 1 million € 50 percent
over 1 million € 55 percent (limited)


Work rules

Vacation law

The holiday entitlement is 30 week days ( 25 working days ) per year and increases after a service period of 25 years to 36 week days ( 30 working days) per year.

The vacation entitlement arises:

  1. In the first 6 months of the first working year in proportion to the distance traveled in working year service period
  2. after 6 months in full
  3. from the second working year respectively with the beginning of the work year for the full amount

Normal working hours

Legally, it is determined the normal hours of work in 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week.

In some collective agreements, shorter or longer working hours are possible.

Rest breaks

If you work for more than six hours per day, you have the right to take a half hour break. If it is necessary in the interests of workers or for operational reasons, this break may be divided into two breaks to 15 minutes each or three breaks of 10 minutes each.

Employee dismissal

If you want to quit your job, you speak of workers’ termination.

This is dissolved to be permanent employment relationship. But if you have a limited time it ends trough timing.

The employee has to consider a one-month period.

The employer has to consider the legitimate period to dismiss staff.

in the 1 and 2 year of service 6 weeks
from 3 to 5 year of service 2 months
from 6 to 15 year of service 3 months
from 16 to 25 year of service 4 months
after 26 year of service 5 months



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